Tattoo Shot Louge Closed Due to Superstorm Sandy

Coney Island’s Tattoo Shot Lounge has officially closed its doors.

On November 20, 2012 someone had left a comment on the Tattoo Shot Lounge’s Facebook page concerning weather or not the club was still open after the effects of Superstorm Sandy. On December 26, 2012, The former live music venue, bar, and tattoo parlor responded with “NO! CONEY ISLAND IS STILL RECOVERING FROM SANDY. AND WE WILL NOT BE COMING BACK DUE TO THE DEVESTATION.”

“Well that sucks,” said Timothy O’Brien, a former customer. “I was hoping to get another tattoo over there, but I guess I’m going to have to find a new place now.”

The local venue had a unique atmosphere about it that screamed Coney Island. Where else could a person get a drink, see a local punk band, and get a tattoo all in the same place, let alone the same night?

“It would have cost thousands of dollars to start back up,” said Jonny Kooklyn, a promoter for the venue who hosted over 30 punk rock/heavy metal shows throughout 2012. “It’s still for rent right now and all the problems have been addressed. If we got someone with the right kind of money, the place could be a gold mine.”

There is currently a large sign in the window that says that te venue is for rent with a phone number for investors to call. “There is no damage anymore. The price is $5000 a month including resale tax.” said Ted Kassab, the building’s landlord.

Hopefully at some point in the near future someone will buy the property and breathe new life into the area. The Tattoo Shot Lounge was a fun place with an exciting environment full of interesting culture. “It wasn’t just going to a show, “ said Kooklyn. “You could go out and enjoy the show, ride the roller coaster, the wonder wheel or get some hot dogs.”


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