Rezoning Queens Neighborhoods to Protect Them From Commercial Encroachment

The New York City Planning Commission published a press release on February 19, announcing the start of the public reviewing process of rezoning three neighborhoods in northeast Queens.

The contextual rezoning proposal concerns the of the Bellerose, Floral Park and Glen Oaks neighborhoods which house mostly single-family homes. The proposal for rezoning came after concerns for encroaching commercial development were raised by the community, local officials, local civic associations and the Land Use Committee of Community Board 13. “This rezoning, which was developed in close consultation with the community, will protect the character of these communities and ensure they aren’t threatened with overdevelopment,” said City Planning Commission chair Amanda Burden in the press release.

The proposed rezoning aims to protect the “low-density character” of the neighborhood. By establishing height limits to new developments as well as a requirement of front yard depths “to better reflect adjacent yards.” The proposal also includes a planned narrowing depths of commercial overlay zones to 100 feet from originally 150 feet to keep residential blocks in distance from future commercial developments.

The Queens Community Board 13 has 60 days to evaluate the proposal. Then it will be reviewed by the Borough President, the City Planning Commission and City Council for approval.


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