A New and Unconventional Mayoral Candidate

A Latino has never occupied the position of mayor of New York City. Yet now, this may change.

Former White House employee, Bronx borough president and Democrat Adolfo Carrion Jr. began his campaign for mayor as an Independent yesterday at the Bronx Museum of Arts, calling for job creation and education improvement in the city.

Hundreds crowded at the museum, some screaming in Spanish, in support of Carrion. NY1 News said that Carrion said he would help save businesses from unwarranted charges, including taxes and regulatory fees. He also stresses the vitality of education and good infrastructure.

According to the New York Times, Carrion, 51, promised to remain “independent-minded,” and listen to the needs of the people, as opposed to working to please specific interests. He said that he would not try to appeal to only one political group, rather to all New Yorkers. This is reflected in the fact that he left the Democratic Party and decided to seek nomination as an Independent.

A large crowd of people cheered Carrion, and carried posters with the slogan “Let’s bring an end to the politics of paralysis and division, and ‘Make It Your City,’ ” according to the Times. Carrion said that his goal is to reconnect the government with the people.

“Together with New Yorkers of all political stripes at my side, and with New Yorkers of all faiths and all backgrounds at my side, we will lay out a vision for the New York we all need, the New York we all want, and the New York we all deserve,” he said to WNYC News.

The latest voting trends show that Carrion, a Latino, stands a chance, and may in fact attain his goal. In recent elections, Latinos made up 20 percent of the entire electorate, a significant amount for one ethnic group. Being that the seat of New York City Mayor has never been occupied by a Latino, Carrion hopes his ethnicity will help increase his chances of emerging as the victor of the mayoral race.


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