Finland invades New York City

Frontman of Finnish band H.I.M hitting the high notes (Photo by: Elizabeth Ramanand)

One of Finland’s most commercially successful bands called H.I.M invaded the East Village this past with a three day concert series at the Fillmore Irving Plaza. H.I.M’s stop in New York is their last set of shows in the U.S before they head to Denmark to continue their worldwide tour in order to promote their seventh studio album entitled Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice.

The price of the thirty-six dollar ticket included a two hour performance by the headlining band H.I.M as well as three more talented bands in the lineup.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the punk band Drive A opened the show and got the blood pumping with their aggressive style and raw energy. Their young lead singer, Bruno Mascolo,  has a striking resemblance to Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, and is entertaining with his stage diving antics.

Fellow Los Angeles band Dommin, hit the stage right after and it was an entirely different sound. If Elvis had a heavy metal band, with a Gothic influence and sound, Dommin would definitely be it. Even though the band’s sound is heavy metal they also incorporate and draw inspiration from film scores of the forties and fifties.

Goth, rock band We Are the Fallen is comprised of former Evanescence members guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt along with drummer Rocky Gray and  powerful vocalist (who was also an American Idol finalist) Carly Smithson.  They have a very similar sound to Evanescence, which is a bold, eerie yet operatic sound. Smithson’s vocals were on point but her stage presence lacked

Lead singer Carly Smithson of We are the Fallen (Photo by: Elizabeth Ramanand)

As H.I.M came out onto stage  the crowd went wild for their Finnish sweethearts.  The band treated their fans to a two hour set including a performance of their version of the Billy Idol classic song “White Wedding.”

Other than the snooty teenagers, the pushing and shoving, the lack of air and everything else that comes along with a heavy metal concert, the invasion of Finland’s finest was absolutely enjoyable.


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