Mulgrew’s victory may not necessarily mean victory for NYC students

In his article “A sad day for school closures” posted on Gotham Schools, Brooklyn College’s own professor David Bloomfield gave his opinion
on what the ruling on school closures means for New York City students. On Friday March 26th the State Supreme
Court ruled against the Department of Education’s plans to close 19 schools citing that they violated the state law by not holding notice and hearing requirements to explain thier decison. In their ruling they said that the DOE “failed to provide any meaningful information regarding the impacts on the students or the ability of the schools in the affected community to accomidate those students” whcih is required by state law. Bloomfield raises the question in this article on whether or not the State’s decision to keep the 19 schools open is indeed a victory for all of New York City students. In his opinion for now the ruling is sort of a lose/lose situation. He writes ” if reversed on appeal , that will be a new cause for sadness.” However with the large schools remaining open its students and future students are still going to be denied the quality education they deserve. Keeping the schools open is not going to fix the problem in our education system because the inequality will still exist. I agree with Bloomfield’s prognosis. Keeping the schools open is one thing, actually fixing them is another.


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