This Week in Labor

Ariana Costakes

This week the New York Times ran a long piece about the many new unemployed that are now forced to live on  government assistance. The article refers to them as the “new poor,” people who have always enjoyed basic luxuries and steady employment but are seemingly all at once running out of unemployment benefits and savings as the recession drags on.  The article also has a political motive: President Obama has proposed to extend unemployed benefits and unless congress approves this measure, many people’s unemployment benefits will run out all at once.

The Gotham Gazette ran a story on job training for high school drop-outs. The article introduced us to two young women who dropped out of high school but who recently realized how limited their futures were and are now participating in the job training. The article also offers many statistics about the difficulties drop-outs face in the job market.  The job training is made possible by the federal Workforce Investment Act.

-Ariana Costakes


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