Student MetroCards- another way to stick it to the kids

An MTA public hearing was held March 3 at the Brooklyn Museum. Although most hearings were relatively peaceful (angry shouts are considered peaceful), at the Brooklyn Museum four people were arrested for disorderly conduct. I have seen several videos like this one, full of angry parents and students who will have to struggle with the new financial burden that paying for MetroCards  will bring, especially to low-income families. So their anger, if misappropriated, is definitely understood. If expected to pay the full $2.25 fare, parents will have to scrape together close to $80 to $90 a month. The money won’t be a problem for those kids in the middle- to upper- income families but the cost of MetroCards will add another obstacle for already disadvantaged students. And I know people will throw me an arched eyebrow followed by a “huh?” but I do feel for the MTA. Funding for student MetroCards should come from the state or our local government but instead it was left to this Authority, which is a disheveled mess and was never have been entrusted with the task of paying for children’s transportation to school. The MTA doesn’t really answer to anyone, so how can anyone be held accountable?


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