MTA raises the fares and lays off 1,000 employees

MTA is on the path of raising the fares for subways, buses and tunnels twice before the end of 2011, along with laying off more than 1,000 MTA employees.

According to the plan announced on Tuesday, MTA is considering laying off 500 station agents who are no longer needed for maintaining the safety in the subway stations. MTA Chairman Jay Walder said that will happen because over 2,500 police officers and more than 2,000 cleaning workers are “moving around” the stations.

The problem with Jay Walder’s statement is, that the passengers don’t know where to look for a police officer or a cleaner and cannot be sure that they will find them in case of an emergency.

In addition, it’s very rare to find a police officer or a cleaning person in the subway system in the middle of the night, but the station agents are usually in their booths. The presence of them make the late night travelers feel safer while waiting for the train, because most of the underground station don’t even have the cell phone service.

I don’t think that Walder’s explanation for laying off station agents is persuasive.


One Response

  1. With the MTA I feel like I am paying more for less…and there are not that many police officer or cleaners in the middle of the night and the station agents in the booths are usually sleeping.
    I think thisJay Walder fella is a bit of a douche and I agree with you his explanation is not persuasive.

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