More Parkour Please…

World Leading Free Runner Daniel Ilabaca

Parkour despite its extreme gracefulness is not seen as an extreme sport but rather “a physical discipline” that allows one to overcome physical obstacles in front of them by running, free running, jumping, climbing, vaulting and using their own body as leverage to get from point A to point B.

Parkour orginated in France and it is based on the principle, that with the right amount of focus, concentration and discipline, your body can do anything. These parkour practitioners move in an acrobatic and gymnastic way that is almost cat-like. Male Parkour practitioners are called Traceurs and female practitioners are called Traceuses. Parkour is meant to teach the body how to adapt to various situations and hasten the reaction time of the body in order to overcome immediate obstacles. Parkour is also known as a form of martial arts.

Most Parkour practices are held in and on top of tall buildings, walls, stairs, parks and anywhere that is possibly dangerous. Its forms and movements  separate it from sports and arts; it is difficult to put Parkour in a category since it is so unique.


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