Former Vice President of HBO NYC is New Second-In-Command of Sundance

Former Vice President of HBO NYC Productions Keri Putnam has been named  Sundance Institute’s new executive director, according to Robert Redford, founder and president, and Wally Weisman, chairman of the Board at the institute. In the past, Putnam has been responsible for New York centered film productions like “Subway Stories.”

The executive director position at the Sundance Institute had been held open for 10 months after Ken Brecher resigned from it last April, shortly following the exit of Sundance’s Film Festival director Geoff Gilmore for a position as chief creative officer at the much younger, uber-glamorous Tribeca Enterprises, which runs its own film festival in downtown Manhattan. Both men had been with the Sundance Institute for well over a decade. In contrast to Gilmore, Brecher who’s history was in nonprofit arts, has been almost conspicuously missing from media mention since his Sundance departure.

Putnam became president of production at Miramax Films in 2006. She was downsized in October, in one of the the earliest stages of contractions indicating the indie landmark company’s subsequent, and (almost certain now) collapse. The question New Yorkers can ask ourselves now, is whether Putnam’s new position is an instance of New York talent poached from our city, or has a New Yorker risen to a powerful position she can leverage to continue benefiting film making in New York? Time will tell.

Read the Sundance Institute’s press release, welcoming Putnam, here.


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