Walgreen taking over Duane Reade

How many times have we walked in Manhattan and have noticed that there is literally  two Duane Reade to every block. We all know that Manhattan blocks are long but still, that’s a bit much seriously how many packs of toothpaste or gum do we need every minute that we are walking.

Well all that is now going to change because now there is going to be two Walgreen to every block, don’t know if that is really a welcomed  change but hey at least its a new sign. Walgreen is buying Duane Reade for 618 million according to the New York Times. There is over 150 Duane Reade in Manhattan and over 200 city-wide(New York Times feb,18,2010) that a lot considering they only started out with one store.

So what are the ramifications of this, well jobs will probably be maintained because Walgreen is a pretty successful company. Other business in the same industry like Rite Aid and smaller pharmacies will have to be more smart in their marketing and prices so that they can compete on a competitive basis  with a bigger chain like Walgreen, which like Duane Reade opened with one store (New York Times).

Guess we will have to wait and see the effects that this buy out has on our people, the economy and other competing retailers.


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