Health care reforms plan on taxing your next cosmetic surgery

New York has some of the most prominent plastic surgeons in the country, with offices lined up on Park Avenue in Manhattan, waiting for women to book their next cosmetic surgery. But what will guarantee these women from traveling to another state or country to get there procedures done, when New York state might soon begin to tax cosmetic surgeries.

Thanks to a program introduced in 2004 New Jersey has placed a levy on cosmetic surgery, which will ultimately make New Jersey residents pay a tax of about 11 percent. With the current health care reforms, New York might also begin to feel this 11 percent, as this levy is now included in the democrats health-care overhaul debate in the U.S. senate.

Susan Hughes, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, facial surgeon is infuriated by this as she calls the politicians involved in making this levy a national law, “idiots.”

Read her interview here and learn more about how this will affect your next cosmetic surgery.


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