What will replace the Sound System in your living room?

You have to plan for the masses. That is what is lacking in the music business, according to this article from a Forrester Researcher. Where is this lacking in however? According to the article, it’s the living room.

For those who are tech-savvy music lovers who love to play their music out loud, in the living room, the memory of home hi-fi systems may ring a bell. This blogger remembers when all she wanted was a Bose sound system in her living room to play her CDs in.

Everything is now geared to television and how you can make your television and your living room the center piece of it all. There are no longer products that cater to your CD collection. This article talks about how there is a need for a product that the mass-market music consumer can use in their living room and what is needed to make this a good product.

“We suggest the device should effectively replace their entire CD collection and add more, all for the cost of the device.” said in a report released by Forrester called “Taking Digital Music To The Mainstream: The Music Product Features For The Living Room.”

In the age of the iPod, it may be tough to sell a sound system for the digital age, unless it has an iPod dock.


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