Stem cells every 28 days!

For those who dread their monthly friend, there’s some good news on the way. Thanks to an innovative new company named “C’elle” the procedure to store menstrual blood, which has lately been proven to be rich in stem cells, is now made easy.

Stem Cells are the building blocks for all the cells that are currently working very hard to keep your body going.  When faced with disease and injuries a stem cell transplant can at times be the only possibility to save your life.

Here’s how it works: When you subscribe, C’elle sends you a kit with a non-invasive method of collecting your menstrual blood. The instructions detail the procedure and transport of the specimen to their laboratories where the blood is processed and the stem cells are frozen for you to use in the future. That’s it, it almost like another form of health insurance!

For more information about this product and for cosmeceutical benefits please visit the website. Get involved and take charge of your medical future.


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