California Prescribes Getting High for Kids with ADHD

Parents who have teenagers with attention hyperactivity disorder now have the choice to get them stoned for best results. California doctors are recommending medical marijuana for children who need a way to calm down because of their disorder. Of course parents will accompany children under the age of 18 who wish to have medical marijuana at a doctor’s appointment. However, a psychology professor is skeptical about giving weed to kids because of a THC ingredient which causes short-term memory problems and inattention.

On the other hand, a psychiatry professor thinks that some children don’t respond to traditional treatments and marijuana could prove to be more effective.  A woman even identified that her son seemed calmer when he got to high school after being diagnosed with ADHD since 6 years old. It was because he started smoking pot in high school.

Can’t argue with results!


One Response

  1. Seems like a very strange way to treat someone who has trouble paying attention.

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