My Evening At Red Bamboo

Food happens to be everyone’s favorite delight in the world. I love it, I love going to new places in New York City and just taking delight in the different taste and textures of new and familiar foods.

So, when my classmate, Jaime, told me about Red Bamboo, a vegan-soul restaurant, I was all for it. Especially, after interviewing, Ingrid Newkirk the President of P.E.T.A who believes that, the best way to celebrate the life of an animal is to become a vegan.

After work one evening, I decided that I was ready to take that plunge and experiment with vegan food, since I’ve always pondered on the thought, but never made it happen.

Red Bamboo wasn’t hard to find, it is in one of the epicenters of Manhattan, Greenwich Village. The resturant can definetly be overlooked, however inside it can consume any one with it’s aura and the intimate staff. The restaurant resembled a brick laid loft, with wooden floors and a candle-lit setting. Small, but cute and the restaurant did house a crowd.

The receptionist greeted me, with a ” Hi, how many are apart of your party?” And, not-embarrassingly I replied, “Oh, it’s just me”. I was seated immediately and was given a menu.

Automatically, I scanned over the restaurant and their were a variety of different faces and expressions scattered all over the room. Most of the people, who were there looked as if they had been there before, however others were sampling different things off of the menu, just so they can find there niche within their vegan experiments. Some loved what they tasted, others didn’t.

Well, when my order came, which was the Soul chicken sandwich with French Fries and a Ginger-Ale. I was ready to eat, I wondered what the soy chicken would taste like, I wondered if my stomach was going to hurt afterward and I wondered if I was going to get an allergic reaction.

I didn’t want to get kicked out of the restaurant for any involuntary movements, I was just simply scared that I was going to start twitching from the food.
However, it was tasty. The chicken sandwich being a bit chewy was seasoned well and it really tasted like, dare I say it, chicken.

So, at the end of the evening, there were no jitters, allergic reactions or stomachaches. I was totally fine and wanted to go there again.


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