Sketchy New Advice: Wait Til 50 to Worry about Breast Cancer

New information tells women that they don’t need to have their first mammogram until the age of 50. Hearing this, most women are shocked, especially with the advice that doctors should stop telling women to do self-breast exams regularly. Of course, the United States Preventive Services Task Force still encouraged that if there is a family history of breast cancer, one should get tested before age 50.

The tone of this New York Times article was of shock, deceit, and a little anger. Women in three or four different states were questioned about how this new development makes them feel. The majority of the answers focused on the unnecessary anxiety that they had to experience having had mammograms throughout the years. One woman believed that this new advice had more to do with financial advantages gained through less insurance coverage. The question becomes: if there was never a great risk, why are there always so many awareness methods: pamphlets, brochures, and magazine spreads done for so many years?


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