Co-op Supermarkets?….

4th St Food Co-op

Going green is becoming very popular, people are now more health conscious then ever before. With this thought in mind, why not go to a supermarket that simply caters to those that are vegetarian or vegan and happens to serve a variety of organic foods?

Co-op supermarkets do just that! 4th Street Food Co-op, is located in lower Manhattan and they have been around ever since 1995. However, the concept of co-op supermarkets like this one has been around for at least 25 years, states New York Times reporter, Alana Joblin Ain, who writes about her experience with her neighborhood co-op supermarket, in Brooklyn. Flunking Out at the Food Co-op, Article Here.

Co-op supermarkets like this one are becoming very popular, not only do they have a vegan and vegetarian choices, they allow their members to receive a discounted price (in exchange for members volunteering their services, for two hours once a week), they also receive an abundance of their foods locally, to enrich the community.

Many of these stores are growing in popularity, because of the foods freshness. It is rare that you will find a store, in New York, that sells organic food which isn’t overpriced.

However, 4th St. Co-op says, that they are able to sell their foods at such low prices because most of their employees are actually their members, working their weekly shifts.

And, they do cater to low-income families and senior citizens, by giving them extra discounts and participating in the food stamp program.

Ultimately, this these co-op supermarkets are becoming very popular and they are erupting all over New York, in all five boroughs!


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