More Judges will soon come to Family Courts

A bill passed by the Senate has promised to add 21 new judges to family courts throughout the state. January will bring in the desperately needed number  of new judges since 1991.  A meeting was held in a New York City family court,  and a unanimous verdict by people from the children welfare system came into play for the need of more judges overseeing everything from abuse to neglect evaluations. The lack of judges have caused for over packed family courts,203  foster care and review cases to be disposed, as well as 6,374 abuse and neglect cases.

“The longer you delay adding judges, the longer families will have to wait to have their neglect matters adjudicated because removal decisions have to be made on a day-to-day basis,” explains Ronald Richter, a Queens family court judge and former deputy commissioner at the Administration for Children’s Services.

Former Chief Judge Kaye states,”the reality of packed waiting rooms for family courts throughout the city is heartbreaking. I realize these are terrible times, it’s not something we don’t know, but still there have to be priorities for our limited resources, and this is a priority.”


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  1. Good post! Important story – hadn’t seen this anywhere else, either. At one point, reporters were barred from covering cases in Family Courts. Some years ago, Family Courts were opened to reporters. Unfortunately, very few have taken advantage of that. I have to think there are some very good stories not being told.

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