What is Infertility?

Hoping to get pregnant is a wish some couples stay up at night thinking about, spend years planning for and even secretly keep their fingers crossed after each attempt. As if the decision to bring another member into the family isn’t hard enough, one in ten couples in the United States experience infertility. Women will stress out, and men will stress out, as the days turn into weeks and still no little happy face, or plus sign or “pregnant” show up after the two minute wait, for the at home test, which sadly in the end reads a negative result.

Infertility, is defined as not being able to get pregnant after one year of unprotected vaginal intercourse, or the failure to follow through with a full term pregnancy. So for all those who are a few months in with no luck, breathe easy, life in New York is hectic, it’s probably just stress or lack of time for that matter. Age is a factor to think about, so if your over 35 and its been six months of unsuccessful trying, then its time to visit your doctor, otherwise its typical to start infertility testing after one year of no success.

Though infertility testing doesn’t need to start after six months to one year, talk to your doctor about pre-pregnancy health, to make sure all that trying isn’t in vain. Many couples with infertility issues go on to have many successful pregnancies, but the trick is working together with your doctor for optimal results.

For more information about up-to-date, clear information’s that will further help you understand your reproductive health, please visit the Planned Parenthood website.



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