Runners Remove Toenails for Better Races

Ultramarathoners have figured out a way to run several miles without the pain of bleeding and soreness in feet afterwards. It’s toenail removal!

While running 50 or 100 mile races, there may be bleeding under a nail or a loose nail may bang repeatedly against the front of a shoe. So some runners have decided to have acid poured onto a nail bed for permanent removal.

One runner had to stop mid-race to poke a hole in his throbbing nail to relieve pressure, but that was before he had all of his toenails removed.  He said it was one less thing to deal with, even though his fellow runner teased that his toes looked like bald-headed little men.

Whether removed permanently or temporarily, there are still some risks involved in such a procedure. The toe can be vulnerable to sores and the nerves can be sensitive afterwards. Podiatrists said that permanent removal should be a last resort, and a runner can just wear shoes that aren’t too tight because of how feet swell during long distance races. For those who decided not to remove their toenails, they like to wear their awkward looking toes with pride as a symbol of the amount of miles they ran.


One Response

  1. This is morally reprehensible! Rather than dissolve their toenails in acid, these runners should volunteer themselves as toenail donors.

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