Screening For Development Delays Worries Some In Education

The Department of Education has announced a new mandatory test for all pre-kindergarten students in New York City  from now until December 1. The mandatory test will consist of a 20 minute a screening for developmental delays. Teachers, school directors, and anti-testing advocates are concerned with the impact the mandatory test will have on the children. Each individual child will be tested on different activities such as building block towers. A major concern teachers have is that children are not always up to doing certain activities and this may affect their screening outcome. In order for teachers to prepare students for the screening they must take out time from teaching everyday curriculum to focusing on preparing the students for the exam. Schools are required to give these exams, but parents can sign their children off from taking the exam. The DOE reported that the test results will not be on their permanent records and it will only be given to the pre-kindergarten class.


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