Oklahoma Mom Accused of Child Abuse

The New York times reported on allegations a teenage boy made against his mother. The 14 -year-old boy from Oklahoma City, accused his mother of abusing him for 4 and a half years. The boy told police that his mother locked him in a closet through out the 4 and half years he has lived with her. He was sent to live with his mother in  Oklahoma after she was released from jail. The mother, identified as LaRhonda McCall was previously convicted in New York in 1996, for second degree manslaughter of her 2-year-old daughter. McCall and her boyfriend were arrested on 20 complaints each of child abuse and neglect of the boy.

The teenage boy managed to escape from home and walked to a National Guard Armory and told security he needed the police. Police found the boy malnourished and  covered in scars and bruises. He claimed he was locked in the closet in the different homes they have lived in through out 4 and a half years and that he has never attended school or received medical attention since living with his mother. An affidavit was released with both McCall and her boyfriend, Hamilton admitting to repeatedly abusing the boy and locking him away for days. McCall choked him and beat him with a ruler, a broom and a belt. Hamilton, McCall’s boyfriend also admitted abusing the child “When he got out of line” with a belt, wire cable, and a tire jack. Both are being held on $400,000 bail and have not been formally charged.


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