Students get healthy lunches made from scratch

Fresh food, made from scratch is rare in NYC schools. Usually school lunch is the dreaded glops of sloppy Joes and frozen fish sticks, but at MS. 37 in Queens, fresh meals are prepared specifically to cater to its students. Since most of the students at MS. 37 are of Indian decent, the manager uses curry with other ingredients, including garam, a blend of hot spices common in Indian cuisines. There are many delightful dishes and creative mixtures available for the children to choose from.

The NY Times reported that barely half of NY’s 1,385 school kitchens have enough cooking and fire-supression equipment to actually boil, saute, etc. Therefore, students in most schools usually rely on frozen chicken patties, ravioli out of a large can, or frozen vegetables. However, at MS. 37 there is unlimited access to a salad bar, where cucumbers are a popular pick.

If only this luxury gourmet cuisine was around years ago when we were going to school.


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