Brooklyn’s Prince Keeps His Crown

               It wasn’t surprising to find that Dem. Al Vann won the seat for City Council in the 36th district once again. Before election day I did my own mental survey asking around to see who people would vote for during primaries, Sept. 15th. Many mentioned names of incumbents, possessing little to no knowledge of what these politicians did while in office.

            On Sept. 16th, after searching through various websites Al Vann’s name was perched above many others. He won with 2685 votes. Democratic candidate Mark Griffith, trailed not too far behind with 2051 votes.

City Council – District 36
Albert Vann (Dem) 2685 29.90%
Mark Griffith (Dem) 2051 22.84%
Saquan Jones (Dem) 886 9.87%
Tremaine Wright (Dem) 806 8.97%
David Grinage (Dem) 799 8.90%
Adrian Straker (Dem) 669 7.45%
Robert Cornegy (Dem) 630 7.01%
William Carrington (Dem) 455 5.07%
Reporting: 132 of 132 precincts – 100.00 percent

Were district 36 residents only voting based on what seemed familiar to them?

       Saquaan Jones recieved more votes than expected as well. This first time city council candidate had more support than veteran Robert Cornegy who had been in the political sphere much longer than Jones.

           What if the term limits were not permitted? How would the district 16 elections have turned out? I know one thing for sure -Al Vann, Brooklyn’s Prince, would have had to pass on his crown.

Jamila Pringle


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