A new discovery that can wipe away impotence

The latest development in the fight against impotence comes in the form of a cream. A Daily News article explained that scientists are close to releasing a cream that works better than the well-known Viagra pills. In addition, this new cream would have no side effects and would result in instant anti-impotence. This new discovery, which has only been tested on rats thus far, may be able to wipe out companies such as Levitra and Cialis in 10 years when it is expected to be available.  

In a review of the article, these new findings were rated 2 out of 8 satisfactory in the criteria for proper health news reporting. Most concerns came from the idea that testing on rats is probably not equivalent to testing on humans and according to the ratings, there was not enough explanation from the experts about the testing. If this product works on 9 out of 10 rats, would it be safe enough to explore on humans? The little blue pills and other drugs have resulted in headaches, vision problems, and other side effects for most men. Human testing may occur for the new cream in the next two years, but can the millions of American men suffering from erectile dysfunction get excited about this cream that is only working on a few rodents?


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