Tech Beat

Sports is becoming real big business for both cable and satellite providers. Viewers now have specific channels for each of the three major sports leagues, NBA TV, The NFL Network, and MLB TV. There are also many  sports news channels, Fox Sports, and different variations of ESPN which are also available online. As the way things are now it might be better to just stay home and watch the game on high definition. With the abundant sources of information it can be a more enjoyable experience than watching a game couped up in smelly Madison Square Garden or other older New York City sports venues. Maybe that’s why they have recently built new ones? Then there are those who can afford court side or field level seats in a recession, so those issues don’t really matter to them.

Satellite providers now give viewers an option to watch multiple games at once (about four to six games on one screen). You can also get in depth information about the sports program you are viewing by pressing specific buttons on your remote.


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