Suspects Nailed in Anti-Gay Killing

The anti-gay hate killing of Jose O. Sucuzhanay in Dec. 2008 has finally started to come to a close, with police having nabbed two suspects in the killing.

GayCityNews reported that city officials went over the details in the case, and what led up to Sucuzhanay’s face-off with his alleged killer, Keith Phoenix.

Though Phoenix says he has nothing against gay people, his defense comes across as really weak. He claimed to have seen Sucuzhanay with a gun, leading a  threatened Phoenix to “defend himself.”

It seems as though  the media and police officials want us to take into account that Phoenix and friend Hakim Scott allegedly beat Sucuzhanay and his brother to a pulp and then continued on their route to the Bronx, where a video camera filmed them at a toll booth laughing and carrying on as though they didn’t know they just killed someone. Should this video matter? This also reminds me so much of the murder of Nixzmary Brown – which involved a surveillance video of her siblings and parents (everyone but her) in Target in the Atlantic Center Mall.


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  1. Margarita, even though the slime ball who killed this innocent man, and hit his brother, claims he has nothing against gay people, I tend to see this also as a bias crime – and a “let us pick on Latinos year” (each immigrant group has their time to be picked on – unfortunately). It is quite possible once the idot saw the two men’s olive skin that lit something sinister inside him. How sad..! This is happening all over NYC now, and I recall the incident in Long Island where the people living there picketed the Mexicans looking for work… and Juan Gonzalez, the Journalist at The Daily News, and an advocate for immigrants and the underdogs in our society, talked about this incident at BC a few semesters ago and showed a film about it…

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