Transit Beat

Weekly News items throughout city transit
-By Alshawn Rushing

-The Gothamist reports that an MTA employee was arrested with “Unlawful Photography” This is the first notable case of someone being arrested for taking pictures in the subway system. It should be noted that photography is not illegal within the subway system. (More Here)

-An increased amount of businesses and individuals are speaking out against the payroll tax cut in the Ravitzch commission.  (More Here) and (Here)

-A Southbound D train derailed outside of the 81st Street station last Friday causing delays during the evening rush. The derailment occurred shortly after 1PM, and is currently under investigation. (More Here)

-Several stories came out concerning the potential budget cuts within the doomsday budget including service cuts to the West Hempstead Branch in Long Island and the elimination of two bus routes that serve the otherwise desolate Throggs Neck part of the Bronx. (More Here) and (Here)

-And a noteworthy mention: The MTA was looking for couples who met on the subway who want to share their stories for Valentines day. (More Here)


2 Responses

  1. As someone who occasionally takes pictures of subway posters nonchalantly with my camera phone, I’m surprised one of MTA’s own is under fire for taking a picture. Perhaps, I should beware my picture taking in the future. The story about couples meeting on the subway on V-Day is cute.

  2. Officially you shouldn’t, but this has been a big problem in the MTA and NYPD since 2001

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